Introducing ARC:

Revolutionizing New Hire and Return to Work programs.

Mitigate workplace risk.

INcrease operational efficiency.

boost Safety Compliance.

#1 reason for workplace injuries are overexertion and lifting-related issues costing $70 billion USD.

Often times, New hires account for majority of risks at a company site. VIT helps with adherence to safety training to reduce costs of injuries. 


Increase Efficiency

Eliminate wasted movements to decrease cycle times to move product returning $3-5 for every $1.


With an average of $30K direct costs and $35K indirect costs for a strain/sprain injury, Arc pays itself back in 1 month. 

Improve safety culture

Give transparency to your supervisors and team members on their progress and report corrective actions to decrease 50% of injury costs.

Find out if your workplace is at risk for free!

Step 1: Print out form


Step 2: Distribute to your workforce and evaluate risk 

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