About Us

Transforming how organizations think about Protecting their people so they can achieve new heights

Bringing Safety to the Digital Age 

"A stagnant workplace is the bane to a company's success."

VIT is an enterprise safety management platform that reduces the burden of paperwork and use of lagging indicators that the safety industry has relied on for the last 50 years. Our mission is to take safety out of the dark ages and empower organizations with leading indicators and utilize modern data processing techniques to solve complex and difficult challenges that plague the workplace.


Connor Young

CIO and founder

Passionate about health and technology, Connor co-founded VIT with the goal of creating a healthier workforce through its product. He has a background in software engineering with web development experience in the healthcare industry. Connor attended Carnegie Mellon University for Electrical and Computer Engineering where he was a NCAA football player. In his free time, he enjoys learning about biohacking and diving into a good book.

Andy Chan

CEO and Founder

Andy started his entrepreneurial journey selling paper airplanes to classmates in the 3rd grade before becoming one of 3 recipients in the US to receive the MIT THINK Scholar award for his invention of a novel way to capture solar energy at the age of 18. He then went on to study at Carnegie Mellon University and play football where he met Connor and left school to start VIT to help people reduce the impact of injuries, Outside of work, Andy is an accomplished musician and a film maker.


Justin Schaeffer 

Lead Product Manager

Justin joined VIT because he enjoys building projects from the ground up that have a real ability to make an impact on people. He has studied and worked around mechanical engineering, product management, strategy, marketing, and sales, among other things. Startups offer him the ability to put on all those hats on a daily basis. Justin spends his free time working out, playing volleyball, reading, and hanging out with his cats.

Josh Yu

VP of Engineering

Josh received his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University and had previously worked at NetApp as a firmware engineer. Josh wanted to do more problem solving and hands-on development in novel areas and has since joined our team at VIT. Besides work, Josh enjoys photography (landscape and people are his favorite subjects), gadgets, building home servers and projects, podcasts, non-fictions and sports (especially squash).

Advisory Board


Former VP of Connected Fitness Strategy and Integration for Under Armour


VP, Solutions and Technology for UnitedHealth Group


Senior Business Innovation Strategy Consultant For Highmark


Senior Research Engineer for Bosch


Over 20 Years of experience in Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention and Biomechanics.  Ergonomics Consultant.