VIT, Vigilant Technologies, Ergonomic Partnership: Tools for Ergonomists to Prevent Workplace Injuries

November 29, 2020

VIT's Ergo Partner Program which allows ergonomists, PTs, chiropractors, and other safety professionals and consultants to use VIT’s Arc product free of charge for 30 days. Partners will receive one Arc device, a companion tablet, and access to the Arc software platform free of charge for 30 days to test out Arc’s leading indicator data for risk management in house and in client facilities. The data helps safety professionals to measure the effect and ROI of their assessments, training, and initiatives while also expanding their reach by remote monitoring facilities outside of local regions.

“After hearing that a device was being developed to let the user know when they are in a potentially hazardous lifting position, I thought that is could be very helpful during training sessions, and ergonomic assessments,” says Terry Weston, CSP South Central College. “When I found out that the data could be captured instantly and for ongoing data analysis, I couldn’t stop talking about it. As a person that does training on back safety, this tool will help legitimize the techniques I am teaching without personal bias. It will also help my clients to be able to train and track on their own after the fact, making themselves more or less self-sustainable in the ergonomic/back safety areas of their operations.”

I plan to use this tool to help validate the lifting techniques I show during safety talks, keynote presentations, and face to face training. Back injuries only give you feedback when it is too late. This device gives you instant, and ongoing feedback so you can correct your body position in real time. It will also be an invaluable tool to conduct onsite ergonomic assessments for my clients. It will be a real back saver!

— Terry Weston

Heather Main, of Ergotrack, notes that “Pictures and data from the Arc device can help convince clients to re-engineer jobs with high-risk back postures.”

“I am excited to be able to work alongside top thought leaders in our industry towards eliminating musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace,” says Andy Chan, VIT CEO. “Separately we each had a slice of the solution: ergonomists with the knowledge to implement solutions and VIT with the technology to collect and analyze data. Now, together we have the complete end to end solution to help both our clients solve all their musculoskeletal issues! We’ve had ergonomists tell us that this has been something they’ve wanted for the last decade and now it’s finally here.”

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