Make Contact Tracing Easy

Companies can quickly notify employees whenever a community member exhibits symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19. COVID contact tracing doesn't have to be hard.

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How it works

Team members wear VIT's Arc device and when two or more team members come in contact with each other. VIT keeps track of who made contact and the duration to help automate contact tracing requirements.
Contact Tracing Dashboard
Companies can view leading indicator data to determine if their workplace is properly set up to encourage social distancing of 6 feet. If an employee does report symptoms or tests positive with COVID, supervisors can quickly quarantine and inform other staff members via our contact tracing app.
Immediately Notify Team Members
Consolidate and streamline the reporting process to save time. VIT's portal allows companies to document when team members exhibit symptoms, track quarantining procedures and if they passed or failed their COVID test. Studies show that organizations who begin contact tracing from the beginning can reduced transmission spread by 79%.
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