VIT announces launch of Arc web platform!

Giving safety managers new insights on risk and behavior change

Here at VIT, we are proud to announce the launch of our Arc web platform which gives safety teams the ability to put numbers behind behaviour change and risk in their facilities. For most of 2018, we have been shipping our Arc hardware which leads to safer lifting behavior by acting as a coach on the floor. The Arc hardware gives team members immediate feedback about risky behaviors and reinforces concepts taught during safety training. With the release of the web platform, we are able to help safety teams take the next step through access to a completely new set of data, safety metrics, and insights. 

Track behavior changes and trends

The dashboard gives safety teams immediate insight into the risk status of all facilities and and groups within the company. Supervisors can see current and past rates of unsafe movements and quickly compare them to other similar locations to see who may need additional coaching or safety program changes. At a glance, supervisors can also compare a location’s performance to its own historical average in order to understand how the location is trending. 

Custom groups can be created and will show up on the dashboard so that teams can get track the status of focused sets of team members, such as new hires or employees taking part in a return to work program. 

Dig into the numbers to find the root cause of risk

There are a few specific movements that lead to increased risk of back injury through repetition or severity of posture. These movements are:

  • Sagittal flexion - bending forward to manipulate an object and using your back instead of your legs
  • Lateral flexion - side-to-side bending.
  • Twisting - Rotating your torso while in the process of manipulating an object or moving a weight.
  • Prolonged posture - Staying in an unsafe static posture for long periods of time. 

By clicking on a location or group in the sidebar, supervisors have the ability to dive into the details for that data-set and better understand the risk faced by that group. Knowing which type of risk the group is experiencing allows supervisors to be more effective in developing solutions to alleviate risk. 

Trends can also be identified to see if risk is increasing or if an initiative has caused positive behaviour change. Individual data is presented to see if there are opportunities for one-on-one coaching. 

Produce reports to create buy-in from upper management

Sometimes it can be difficult to get upper management to buy into safety initiatives and spending. The Arc platform allows safety teams to produce reports that show progress and ROI much quicker than traditional injury data through the use of new leading indicators. 

Analyze new data to create advanced metrics and insights

We believe that every individual brings new perspectives and ways to interpreting data. The Arc platform allows safety team members to download all raw data that was has been logged by the Arc wearable devices. This data includes timestamps of incidents, team member, and the type and severity of the unsafe movement, among other data points.

Access to the raw data also allows safety teams to more easily integrate and analyze Arc data with information from other sources? Do you have information about team member’s activities, whereabouts, or what items they were working with? Integrate Arc data to find out your most dangerous locations, activities, or items! Then you can start to design safety programs to address newfound risk. Have a unique way of visualizing our data? Let us know in the comments!