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Engaging safe lifting

for back injury prevention

VIT Arc's workplace wearable to prevent back injuries
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Hardware + Software
Industrial Wearable for Team Members
VIT’s Arc platform analyzes ergonomic behaviors in real-time. By sending alerts to team members and actionable insights to managers, our platform is proven to improve ergonomic safety and lower strain and sprain costs.
How It Works
VIT's Arc device detects unsafe lifting behaviors.
VIT captures unsafe ergonomic behaviors using wearables & machine learning.
VIT Arc's platform and wearable alerts employees in real-time.
VIT’s Arc platform and wearable alerts team members with haptic feedback and logs unsafe behaviors to VIT dashboard.
VIT's Arc platform helps trend reports and coaching.
Trend reports, team member risk cards, and coaching tips enable companies to sustainbly create safer behaviors that lowers costs and save lives.
Automate leading indicator reporting
Review near-misses and unsafe activities generated automatically every time team members complete their shift. Set up reporting schedules to send to your operations, HR, and safety/risk teams and VIT will take care of the heavy lifting to get reports out.
VIT's Arc webapp allows supervisors to review leading indicators.
VIT's AI Ergonomic Training module.
Reduce unsafe behaviors
Improve ergonomic behaviors with a combination of haptic feedback from VIT wearable, custom coaching tips, and leader score gamification.
Save time with our scalable training tools
VIT’s training platform allows managers to upload their content, send out to trainees, and track status and completion of each training for compliance. VIT has partnered with other industry leading training programs to provide the latest content.
VIT's training module
An employee wearing VIT's Arc wearable device on their back.
Set up in minutes for immediate results
No need for straps or anything! Just clip VIT’s wearable to the back of the collar and team members are ready to go. Light-weight, small, and thin, VIT’s wearable is both easy and comfortable to wear for long hours.
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